I wanted to lower or raise the outdoor curtains using a single command, like "good night". Since I have Alexa 2,.0 I choosed to use SINRIC as proxi server because it is simple and working, even if I don't like to rely on an external service that could drop in any moment.
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And, here is the entire code for context. I cannot figure out what I have done to casue softAP to not work correctly. I have spent hours on this and can't figure it out.
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If you don't have an Amazon Alexa device, you can use Echosim.io to test your Alexa skills virtually. Use the Alexa Smart Home API to easily build capabilities, tap the self-service APIs, documentation, templates and code samples that get you on a rapid road to publishing Skills. Use the Alexa Voice Service to integrate Alexa into your product using the SDK, and the APIs.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sinric at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ... Setup an account, got my API key, downloaded the sample code, added the skill to Alexa and viola... I'm now controlling my Wemos board via Alexa easy as pie. 2 people found this helpful.
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4.Config voice module's SSID and password of wireless router, sinric API KEY. 5.Conect KinCony voice control module with KC868-Hx smart controller. 6.Speak English word to control relay.

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Querying JSON. When you set up your recipes, you used Jayway JsonPath syntax for the query parameter. You can learn more about the JSON query syntax here: Jayway JsonPath. To get a better sense of how the query syntax works, you can use the Jayway JsonPath Evaluator. That's pretty cool and IFTTT has already a ton of different options. One of this options is WebHooks, which provides an API to perform HTTP requests. So the standard way to interact with your IoT devices using Google Assistant implies that: You speak your command

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